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Monday, 9 November 2020


PRESENTING the 7th edition Annual Moon Calendar for 2021 
Follow the cycles of our Moon and align with the natural phases within and without.


Friday, 16 October 2020

council house

I grew up in a Council House on an estate in Alfriston a little village on the South East Coast of England.  Known for its history of smuggling in the time of Neopolian. The notoriously violent Alfriston gang used the Cuckmere river to bring their illegally landed duty-free goods in to the village ready for distribution inland. Rumour has it there are a network of underground passageways that lead from the Pubs to the River. You can still find the fake doors built into the walls of the Smugglers Inn fitted to deter the police who would knock on the wrong door giving the smugglers time to escape. My friend and neighbour was baby sat by a ghost as her Mum poured pints in the bar.

The village was haunted and we lived with the spirits of the past. At primary school our music teacher Mrs.White was a ghost who wore Edwardian clothes, long velvet skirt, crisp smocked shirt buttoned tightly at the neck with a cut crystal brooch, hair as white as her face done up in a period style. She hit some of us and told my olive coloured Sister to wash her skin thinking she was dirty. This was though the 1980's not the 1880's...

Monday, 28 September 2020

ash comeback

ASH COMEBACK -  artwork i created in response to the loss of Ash trees in the UK and globally due to the disease 'ash dieback'. This work is a prayer for the Ash to come back. Some trees are showing signs of resilience. The original artwork was painted using oak gall ink i made from gathered oak galls to a medieval recipe.

 I'm excited to share with you these beautiful prints available to buy from my etsy shop LANDofERIN

Archival inks printed onto Somerset Satin. 

Sunday, 12 April 2020


I recently rediscovered this series of illustrations I made for my friend who got really into colouring whilst she was battling cancer. Looking at these images with fresh eyes and during this really weird time of lockdown I was drawn into the landscapes as a place to escape and dream. I've added them here so you can screen grab and print for FREE.

Please share your coloured images with me on instagram , i'd love to see them @erinmacairt

Monday, 28 October 2019


2020 Moon Calendar 
6th edition illustrated lunar phases
For every year I make these Moon Calendars i deepen my connection and recognise the importance of tuning in and reflecting the cyclical nature of my body with that of the moon. I offer these in shops throughout the UK (please contact me if you'd like info on stocking them in your shop They're unique, elegant and always printed with veg based inks onto fsc certified and recycled paper. 
Warm wishes as we transition into the darker months. Happy New Year. 

i'm also selling these gorgeous English Oak magnetic print hangers made in the UK. 
Please have a peek at my shop LANDofERIN

Goddess Temple

There's a selection of my handmade Oracle Pouches at the 
Goddess Temple Gift Shop in Glastonbury. 
 Etsy Shop LANDofERIN . 
Perfect for your Tarot cards. Made with French and Lithuanian linen, silk screen printed with my drawings. 

Sunday, 4 August 2019


and it will transform you 

I believe the plants that grow wild in their perfect habitat hold an energy that is more powerful than agriculturally grown food. When we consume the wild, the energy of the land releases into our cells and profoundly connects us to the earth in a most natural and healthy way. Eat Wild and see how your body awakens to the land 
I've been foraging and collecting wild herbs and food for a few years and grew up with parents who would take us collecting mushrooms, making nettle soup and skinning rabbits on the kitchen table. I've been a vegetarian since I was 11 because I disagree with the way animals are treated and farmed. Seeing where my food came from when I was growing up gave me an appreciation and an understanding of how nature provides for us without always going to the supermarket. It also gave me a respect for the exchange of life for food and how being part of and witnessing the process of killing the animal really makes you grateful for the food on your table, and for the life that has been sacrificed in a gift of energy. I don't need to eat animals for my survival, but sometimes i will eat fish, very rarely and with prayers.  
 Consciously gathering the wild roots, leaves, berries, seaweeds, mushrooms and flowers is a gentle way of mapping your landscape and connecting with the plants. 
 Eat Wild has grown out of a love to share a little of what I have learned . It's a simple guide to get the curious out there, gathering and making your own wild food.

Printed from an original pen and ink illustration onto FSC certified 100% recycled paper using veg based inks in Bristol UK. If you would like to purchase one please see the link to my Shop on your right. Please email me at for wholesale orders. 

Monday, 1 July 2019

Be More Jen

 The grief we experience from losing a loved one penetrates every cell in the body. The Love and Grief is so vibrantly present, so raw in our loss that it has the ability to change our perceptions of reality and can create new pathways in the brain. Life isn’t about being happy or looking forward to something in the future, but about being present and showing up NOW. To live life to the fullest whatever that means to you, to feel and be conscious and walk each day with an open heart and a ‘YES' to the World. Honouring those days of transition and change when quiet contemplation and awareness of the pain and suffering life brings us is needed.
Be More Jen means to live life with joy, to question everything, to be grateful, to see the magic and adventure in the world and the potential of your imagination. To live and die as your authentic self with pure acceptance and gratitude.
Thank you Jen for welcoming me into your life, I am honoured that I got to be a part of it. Thank you for all you taught me in the short but treasured time I knew you. I love you

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Kate Macairt

The past few weeks of my life have been pivotal. The International Extinction Rebellion protests are the beginning of a global shift toward the changes we need to make to avoid ecological and climate disaster. I feel empowered after being part of the protests in London. I am committed to do all I can. Below are some words my Mum wrote today and I wanted to share them with you.
"I have been with children all my working life. Originally as a teacher of art and most recently as a Play Therapist. Over the years I have come to really respect and admire how the young human, given the right conditions, has the capacity to overcome adversities and positively re-frame their experiences and find optimism. I have come to understand that when we are young, we see the world with eyes focused on different perspectives and that those perspectives are no less relevant and necessary as those the adult world has us focus on. 
And now appearing as heralds of this century are Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai, brave young women – girls- who face the adults and tell them they are wrong:- War is not inevitable, hate and fear are destructive and can be overcome, the climate is changing and time is running out, our seas are full of plastic our rivers full of PFA chemicals which have infiltrated the majority of humans bodies, and it has to CHANGE NOW!. Do we know the message they desperately want the ‘big people’ to hear is true? Can we dismiss what they are saying as the idealism of youth? We the big people can choose to ignore what these young people are screaming, we can criticise the skivers and call the Climate Change demonstrations irrelevant. We can retreat into our small life bubbles and keep ordering stuff from Amazon and making everything water proof and germ free. Cause and effect, consequences ? Ha! We the big people can keep calm and carry on. ‘That’s the spirit.’
I work with children who are struggling with the world the adults in their life have created. Most children referred are operating with heightened stress responses of Fight or Flight or Freeze – sometimes all three. The majority have found life so far, an unhappy place where tension, anxiety and fear have dominated and there is very little joy to be found. Parents struggle to juggle work, money, buying stuff and meeting their own emotional needs, let alone those of their children. As a Play Therapist I learned to follow the Axline Principles*, I have been trained to respect the child’s ability to solve her own problems. I have come to realise that the adults most important role in a child’s life is to keep them safe, to allow them space to explore and be curious, to listen and to attune to their perspective. I have learned that children will follow the role models the adults present because adults are the guides, the problem our world may have is that the adults are actually big children masquerading as Grown Up. The wisdom of the Elder is the brainwashing of the Conman and it seems that time is up on that, these demonstrators are shouting loud and clear ‘the Emperor has no clothes’. 
The Children of Climate Change see through the veils of consumer lust to the reality of pointless consumerism. Our species desire for more and more stuff is way off balance. What began as reasonable desire to make life more comfortable has become an obscene grasping for more, greed is definitely NOT good when it means we choose profit over people and profit over safeguarding the very thing which gives us life; the earth. Where do we think our waste goes? 
So, what am I going to do? How am I going to acknowledge I have listened to them that I do care and I do want them to enjoy a natural world which I enjoyed as a child. I want my grandchildren to swim in rivers, walk through meadows buzzing with life, eat fresh food grown in a garden. Yes, it’s still visible now isn’t it, we can go for a walk in the woods, gaze at landscape vistas in foreign lands, yes Mother Earth is still there but she has been abused by us. #metoo the Great Mother cries. 
What am I going to do? What part can I play in healing the damage we have done to the earth?  How can I adapt change? I drive a car, I drive many miles in a year because of my work, I love driving actually, I love travelling to other parts of the world. Do I invest in an electric car? Can I afford one? Where will the electricity come from?  Can I travel by bus and train with all my equipment? Ah… the excuses are already filling my head… yes, I want to make things easy, I want to have to make less effort not more. All our modern advances aim to make life easier and yet on reflection wouldn’t it be easier to live a simple hunter gatherer life style with a small amount of veg growing – hippy nonsense!  It’s  easier to wake at 5am and join the south circular traffic jam spend 8 hours making lots of money for someone else and just enough for yourself and huddle back in the traffic fumes to the pub gasping for the drink at the end of the day to lull you into a sense of satisfaction? Another day done, roll on the holiday. 
I think because I grew up close to the natural world and felt a deep connection with my friends the woodlouse, the oak tree, the flowers ( a fanciful child ) I have yearned for that world perspective throughout my adult years. But my awareness really shifted when I heard Malala speak. Why is the power to make decisions given solely to adults?  The bravery of this young woman and the authenticity of her words were tangible. She spoke the truth. I remember when I was about 7years and the troubles in Ireland raged I raged at the imbecility of the adults.  I saw children like me being forced to live in fear and I wanted it to stop I fantasied that a child could be heard and could make the stupid adults stop their hatred. 
Now the child voice is being heard. Malala began the shift and now Greta with her steely determined anger speaks to the ‘big people’ with bold truths. Michael Gove will meet her thinking he is the grown-up. He will patronise and do nothing. He probably has personal investments to consider, stocks and shares, houses to maintain, money to be made never mind his role as government to protect the interests of the super rich which keep the ball rolling. The dismantling of consumer capitalism is definitely off the table. We shall see how that meeting goes but I pretty darn know that Greta Thunberg is not for turning. 
I still don’t know what I am going to do though. But I understand that it is healing the earth that needs to be the priority, the undeniable truth and so I will have to make changes. My life will have to become different. I am going to have to adapt. Will I be adapting to a barren world in which soaring heat and drought forces my fellow humans to flee their land in search of water? Will I too find I am adapting to queuing at a food bank?  Will my grandchildren retreat into virtual realities where they can exist as avatars in a green land or one in which the fear and hatred is maintained in glorious technicolor? Must we have enemies? Carl Jung said that our biggest enemy is our own Shadow. We must first face our own negativity and stop blaming others. So today I start with me and my own self- awareness. I will avoid buying stuff I don’t need. I will make do and mend and look for ways to re-use and recycle what I do consume. I will strive to adapt to be part of the movement towards humanity that care-takes rather than abuses our natural resources. 
It is our children’s future and they deserve to enjoy the diversity and richness of this beautiful planet, they deserve to have life. I am accountable. "
Kate Macairt ; Play Therapist, Sand tray Therapist, Trainer
*The Axline Principles;
Therapist develops a warm, friendly relationship with the child
Therapist accepts child exactly as he is
Therapist establishes a feeling of permissiveness in the relationship so the child feels free to express his feelings
Therapist is alert to recognise the feelings the child is expressing and reflects those feelings back to him in such a manner as he gains insight into his behaviour

Extinction Rebellion

Is climate change happening and will it effect me and my family, friends, wildlife, landscape? If you want to do your research have a look at the IPCC report summary on Global Warming of 1.5C. Here

Tuesday, 2 April 2019


activism in your pants!
plastic free periods!
Make your own reusable menstrual pad with eco materials and a custom pattern to make more!
Saturday 27th April
(all materials included)
Limited spaces, please email to book your place
Advance payment please 
After the workshop enjoy looking around the Open Studios of our printers, painters, carpenters, animators, ceramicists and designers, watch a film in our pop up cinema, and join in on the Art Auction. Djs all day.

        EOTA, South Liberty Lane, Bristol BS3 2SG

Wednesday, 27 March 2019


Plant dyed, reclaimed vintage French linen, hand stitched or screen printed with artwork for LANDofERIN
Oracle Pouches for the sacred & divine, a place to keep your cards.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

tashi delek

I'm feeling nostalgic after my Dad sent me these photos of when we met in India and travelled together for a month with his Tibetan friend Bino and two Tibetan monks. I feel so blessed to have spent this time with my Dad. It took ten days in Delhi for our visas to be granted for the restricted area of Arunachal Pradesh where Bino's Mum lives in Mechuka a small mountain village near the border of China. There isn't much of a road there (although i see on trip advisor that they may be slowly constructing one...ha trip advisor!) and it takes about three days by 4x4. When we visted 15 years ago the locals told us that it had only been visited by tourists maybe ten times. It was remote and beautiful and the sustainable way they live up there continues to inspire me. All grain and crops were grown and water was collected direct from the river (we were told that the spirits would not be happy if you polluted the river in anyway...if a cow urinated near the water it would be sure to die shortly after) The toilets were away from the houses in wooden sheds and the ashes from the fires in the homes were used to neutralise the smell and create a compost for the fields. Cooking was done on a central fire in the middle of the room. Houses were timber framed. The staple crop was millet. The delicacy was a hard cheese made into cubes and would store for months. Up on the hill overlooking the village is a Tibetan Buddhist Temple visited by the Dalai Lama.  
a hindu festival celebrated in mechuka
Tibetan Pilgrimage. Wearing the traditional Chupa, apron and coral and turquoise beads ... i think the red bottle i'm carrying probably contained arak... local moonshine made from millet.

the hospitality was incredible but we were very drunk a lot of the time - the teapot was filled with arak and it was unlucky for a guests cup to become empty! 
stilted houses on the journey up the mountain

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Stone People

Winter: All those creative ideas are manifesting in the roots as they reach down into the dark dank earth, soaking up the nutrients ready to rise with the sap in Spring. Although we've passed the Solstice I lose track of time, the dark seems infinite. A holding space, an incubator. My houseboat and studio have metamorphosed into cave like spaces where my mind is wide open to think and question, to draw, to vision, to write 

soaking up some rock wisdom into my bone marrow :)
On Twelfth Night the New Moon marked the beginning of the Lunar year. I met a friend and we went for lunch and a walk to Stanton Drew the nearest Stone Circle to where I live. This got me thinking about a recent deck of cards I was gifted called Sacred Path based on Native American philosophy. I drew the card Power Place. This card is about 
"finding a place of solace to seek at-one-ment with yourself or Great Mystery...When a human being goes to a Power Place, the attention of Mother Earth is directed to that spot, and energy begins to flow to that area because our bodies, like hers, are electromagnetic....Our Earth Mother has energy lines that are equal to the energy meridians in the human body. The Stone People (rocks) are equal to our bones and the soil is equal to our flesh. The waters of the planet are like our blood and weave the tides of our emotions" (Jamie Sams, Sacred Path Cards 1990)
 Rock Medicine is the idea that within the rocks are stored records, every internal thought of a person connecting with the space will be recorded by the rocks, an Earth-Record. The Medicine People go to the Stone People and listen. 
 Stone Circles and Tors are Power Places for thousands of people. 
I've ritualistically visited Trees since I was a child, the Ancient Ones are my Power Place. The Ancients help me put down my roots to the land, and connect me through the Wood Wide Web to where I've journeyed from.   
the pineal eye

Saturday, 24 November 2018

taxus baccata

yew berries oooooze a goo that is sweet 
A treat to eat 
black seeds can poison
a cure for cancer
used in modern medicine
this tree is a healer


Come see me here and have a peek at my studio. Get your hands on something unique, handmade and original this xmas. Support your local Artists and Makers.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

i am the mountain, the mountain is me

A fear of heights and the edge is not a fear of Death. It is a fear of Life, of living beyond your comfort and the safety of what you know.
When I look down the valley my heart trembles, a mild excited anxiety, it is a lack of breath, forgetting to breathe, the drop is so deep, the bottom so far.
My fear is one of I trust myself not to throw myself over or to miss my footing and plummet  to my death, falling...falling, body hanging gnarled and broken on the trunk of a tree half way down, my skull battered blood red on rocks.
But do I trust you Mountain? Do I trust you to keep your form and not crumble beneath my feet, to let me stand and look at the view that fills my heart and body with an awesome peace. Do I trust this relationship we are having Mountain? Can we live together? If I open my heart to you Mountain will you honour or crush me?
illustration drawn on the Wanderers Retreat at EcoDharma e.macairt
I camp on the edge of the North Ridge, at first I was too scared to sleep this close. "come closer" I hear you whisper. "the view is magnificent from here"..."put your tent close to the edge right here by these rocks and trees, don't hide down there"
Gently I open up to the possibility that I can trust myself to be this close. I can trust the Mountain to hold my weight, to support me. I no longer need to make myself smaller  or compromise my experience for fear or lack of confidence.
"in that way I mirror you Mountain"

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Weary of all who come with words,
words but no language
I make my way to the snow-covered island.
The untamed has no words.
The unwritten pages spread out on
every side!
I come upon the tracks of deer in the
Language but no words.

Tomas Tranströmer

Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Crossing over to the Moors..."I've pitched my tent on a small farm at the foot of the moors. I'm lying in a buried stone circle sheltered from the bitter autumnal wind coming from the West. When you cross the threshold from the familiar land of trees and hedgerows to the bleakness of the moors there's a shift in energy. It's strong, spiralling, disobeying and rebellious, air whirling, an energy that feels creative, raw, sacral, rooted yet unbounded and free flowing..."