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Monday, 11 July 2011

Lansdown Gallery

              MacAirt & Stevens
Wilmington Giant          

Exhibition open 9th - 21st July Mon to Sat 9-5pm! At the Lansdown Gallery, Lewes I'm exhibiting work along with fellow Firle Artist Paul Stevens. Pauls oil paintings of the Sussex landscape have an essence of magic, subtle and ethereal ghost like horses and bold greens that really capture the green i see on the downs in the early summer. I'm showing new dioramas and etchings
Paul Stevens sitting in front of something beautiful
me and my sis    

It's nice to show my work in Lewes...last time I put work up in this town i exhibited my degree show work - a series of photos i took at Les Trois Garcon of my friend Ayan dressed up in an 80's cocktail dress wearing a gas mask customised by me covered with diamante and was an anti war statement just after 9/11- an ironic propaganda shoot promoting war by making it sexy, glamorous, commercial,fashionable.  Okay my work is different now... but that was 8 years ago!

private viewing

.. the show opened last friday and is on until 21st July 2011