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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


 i got a bit bored of the white walls...

I was inspired by the artists at  Charleston Farmhouse to paint the walls, the farmhouse is half a mile from Firle village. Virginia Woolf lived in Firle and would walk the old coach road that leads to the Bloomsbury farm.


I took a course in Mezzotint led by Ray Dennis at Brighton Independent Printmakers. It's the reverse of burnish the light back from the dark on the rocked copper plate. 
Here is a brief description: Mezzotint achieves tonality by roughening the plate with thousands of little dots made by a metal tool with small teeth, called a "rocker." In printing, the tiny pits in the plate hold the ink when the face of the plate is wiped clean.
 I made this print on the course.
 the little picture of the kid with the bear hood is by Ray Dennis. His work is amazing...there is such a lot of detail and delicacy. I bought this from him ...and i love it. Below is a picture of a 'rocker' for creating the surface on the copper plate.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

delivering to Avocet Gallery

I now have work in Rye Harbour at Avocet Gallery and Tea Room ... it's a really beautiful area that has inspired artists for years. I delivered my work by bicycle, then went for a bike ride through the nature reserve and found a really cool house on the beach made from two old train carriages... Also recently I discovered the books by Lloyd Kahn and his blog which if you like wood, trees and natural build architecture like me then feast your eyes over one of his books published by Shelter Publications, -  they are awesome, truely future project will be to build my own house ...first step to build a clay pizza and bread oven

Friday, 19 August 2011

salad days!

I made these for a friends wedding last week, thought they looked nice enough to post ;)

wild rice with toasted almonds
 quinoa tabouleh with wild mint
classic greek salad