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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Open House & Xmas Fair

I will be selling un/framed original etchings, dioramas, greeting cards and decorations. I decided not to e-mail everyone as I seem to be getting loads from all over the place and it does get a bit annoying doesn't it! The Round Barn is in Firle, BN8 6NB. I will also be at Burgh House in Hampstead on Sunday 4th Dec:  for more details.

Monday, 14 November 2011


I came across Jessie Ware when she contacted me to buy some of my Art, she has two diorama pieces now...does that make her a collector?!  She has a beautiful soulful voice.  She's just finished her debut album with Dave Okumu (The Invisible),..>>>///>>>>/////>>>>. so keep your eyes and ears open :)

Free Will

Being a Sagittarius I totally believe in astrology and star signs :) . Here is a site for weekly horoscopes, , sometimes spot on, sometimes hilarious, other times just plain bizarre. 
this is me...... this month i'm celebrating the end of my twenties <3