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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Danza de la Luna

Here are some images that inspired this years MOON PHASE CALENDAR 
I love the old alchemical drawings made using oak gall ink and natural pigments, which is what I used to create the original piece of artwork.
I've recently discovered Danza de la Luna...the largest dance in the world held in Mexico....a prayer to Mother Earth. One of my dreams is to dance this dance...I'm putting that out there to the Universe.

detail from 2019 Moon Phase Calendar . erin macairt

Saturday, 28 July 2018


detail:2019 moon calendar . erin macairt
What does the lunar eclipse mean to you if you didn't look up what the astrologers are saying?! 

 Instinctively I know the moon and I are intrinsically connected. Our calendars and our 7 day week are based on the cycles of the moon. Women's menstrual cycles are roughly the same 28 day cycle as the moon. I created a booklet for women to chart their periods with the moon making it easy to know when you're period is due or when you're ovulating with each phase of the moon. Seeing the full moon never fails to fill me with awe and wonder, giving me a sense of oneness.  
The lunar eclipse is when the shadow of the Earth passes across the face of the moon hiding her from the light of the sun...this rare occurrence of seeing the shadow of the Earth is special. The Moon turns a blood red. 
A time for me to look at my own shadow? What is my shadow, how does it operate? Am I in control of my shadow or does it take charge? Am I friends with my shadow? Do I accept it?  Tonight is a time to draw up those shadow elements and to clean the slate to start again... As the shadow passes it might be a perfect time to reflect on these questions. As the light from the Sun returns perhaps new light will be shed. 
 When we make sacred space in our lives magic happens.
Sacred space doesn't need to include grand gestures or is held with the intent you give...personally it is an internal and external exchange, and an awareness of the interconnection of everything on this planet and beyond.

Friday, 27 July 2018

the path unfolds

with clear and pure intent the path unfolds as i take each step

detail from 2019 Moon Calendar

for whatever reason one day we can be flowing through life with total ease...then the following day thrown out of balance...which in turn tends to lead us to reinforce those old negative pathways we've been working so hard to break down.  It can be default to fall into our old patterns of thoughts and's like taking the path we know so well  and whether it serves us or not we trust it. But when we have those down days there's always a lesson to learn, and an extra layer to peel's a test to become aware and in control. Making positive changes and creating new neural pathways takes conscious awakening...I don't think it should feel like hard work, but it takes effort, devotion and dedication to want to change. If you're having one of those down days remember that you have the power to react to situations in anyway you want. I'm telling myself this as much as to the ethereal world wide web. It's always good to have a reminder. 

Take a risk by simply letting it all go and trusting that with clear and pure intent in the present moment the path you want to be on unfolds as you keep moving through life. Take the path unknown...

Friday, 6 July 2018

2019 Moon Calendar

Moon Calendar 

it's here

painted by hand using natural earth pigments and dyes...
for all moon lovers and bathers alike

Erin Macairt 2019 Moon Phase Calendars available at LANDofERIN                                                         
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reaping what you sow

the willow trees outside my boat drop millions of seeds every year. For about a month we get this stunningly beautiful scene as the wind disperses them through the air
copper amulets
I've been experimenting with the etching process and instead of using it to print not paper I wanted to make some special amulets to be worn as necklaces. I've made the cordage using the skills i learnt at WILDHEART festival and instead of nettles i've made them from linen flax from Normandy, France.

Copper is associated with the Goddess of LOVE 

An amulet is an object that is typically worn on one's person, that some people believe has the magical or miraculous power to protect its holder"

available to buy here: LANDofERIN