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Friday, 27 July 2018

the path unfolds

with clear and pure intent the path unfolds as i take each step

detail from 2019 Moon Calendar

for whatever reason one day we can be flowing through life with total ease...then the following day thrown out of balance...which in turn tends to lead us to reinforce those old negative pathways we've been working so hard to break down.  It can be default to fall into our old patterns of thoughts and's like taking the path we know so well  and whether it serves us or not we trust it. But when we have those down days there's always a lesson to learn, and an extra layer to peel's a test to become aware and in control. Making positive changes and creating new neural pathways takes conscious awakening...I don't think it should feel like hard work, but it takes effort, devotion and dedication to want to change. If you're having one of those down days remember that you have the power to react to situations in anyway you want. I'm telling myself this as much as to the ethereal world wide web. It's always good to have a reminder. 

Take a risk by simply letting it all go and trusting that with clear and pure intent in the present moment the path you want to be on unfolds as you keep moving through life. Take the path unknown...

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