Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Currently at the Towner in Eastbourne...

Gibson / Martelli (igloo) - VISITOR

28 January - 1 April 2012 (free)

"Inspired by the icy mountains of the Canadian Rockies, VISITOR is an interactive installation by BAFTA nominated artists Bruno and Martelli. Encountering a life size replica of a trappers' cabin in our Exhibition Gallery, you are invited inside to explore a virtual, frozen other world... You will navigate through the eerie wilderness using a combination of physical motion and cutting edge video game technology"

I went to see this exhibition on a snowy sunday afternoon...it's worth a visit and it's free! There is something really sinister in the virtual environment the artists have created...there are no people present, only you and the ghostly, lonely landscape... is it a comment on how we are using technology to have 'virtual' experiences of a real world?? There is magic in an man made virtual world...but I'd prefer to actually row a real boat in the Rockies!

I picked up this postcard in Camilla's bookshop.

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