Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One Planet Community

There's a lot going on out there that gives hope... ignoring the chemtrail conspiracies and crazy bank situation and you can find projects established and emerging to put a smile on your face and a lovely warm feeling in your heart :)  here are some cool links to some of these projects:

shipping container home (Hive Modular)
BedZed - ZEDfactory is an innovative practice exclusively committed to low energy, low environmental impact buildings and associated lifestyles.
Hockerton Housing Project - Autonomous and Zero Carbon since 1998!

Lammas Eco Village - Rural eco village in Wales.
Ashley Vale - Self Build Cohousing Community Bristol, U.K
Lilac - Leeds Ecovillage, U.K
Greg Searle from BioRegional, and  One Planet Communities
Window Farms - Ideas for Urban Farming
The Vertical Farm - Cities of the Future?
Cohousing UK - info on cohousing in the u.k and how to get involved
Somona Mountain Village, California 

the smallest change to our behavior can make a difference ...

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