Saturday, 4 August 2012

peace camp

a couple of weeks ago i went to an art installation called PEACE CAMP, simultaneously held on the same weekend at different coastal locations around the U.K. celebrating landscape and love poetry.

. open only at night till sunrise, you walked a mile or so down a lantern lit muddy track to one of my favourite beaches in this area.. and into a field full of glowing tents, with a sound piece of spoken word  ... the stories i heard seemed to be quite cynical and sad :( , but it was a really comforting atmosphere to just lie down amongst the glow and listen, like having a bedtime story read with the sound of the ocean waves in the background. this night i even took a midnight swim in the sea, the stars were out, on the horizon the ferry was on it's way to france, the coast guard cottage had a warm flicker of candle light in the window and i felt as though i was in one of my etchings 

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