Monday, 1 October 2012

bees mouth

I've started going to life drawing class at the Bees Mouth on Western Road in Brighton. It's a really chilled session, you can drink a pint whilst you draw


  1. Hi Erin, I think I'm living with someone you know, Ben Illis? I'm an illustrator too, I've just moved to Brighton, he mentioned you guys have worked together, if you fancy meeting up for a pint sometime it'd be nice to meet a fellow illustrator! I'm in the Open Studios on the sea front, and I've got a website too, Hope you don't mind my posting all this on here, I'm going to life drawing tonight at the Bees mouth! xxFlorence

  2. I have just started life drawing at The Bee's Mouth and posting the sessions on my blog....I'm a former commercial illustrator who got bored drawing what other people told me now I just draw for me. Nice work by the way.