Monday, 26 November 2012



I went to Malta for a little holiday a couple of weeks ago. We hired a scooter and travelled around, got the ferry to Gozo... went to the blue grotto where the water glows beneath the surface, we found a gorgeous little fishing village called Xlendi and had  one of the best meals of the holiday at San Andrea, with fresh pesto and bread as an appetizer, delicious plump olives and risotto. The hotel and restaurant have candle lit tables right on the bay and the crashing waves are metres from your table. The place and it's architecture reminded me of a mezzotint I made.

 We also visited Hagar Qim a megalithic goddess temple thought to be one of the most ancient religious sites on Earth. There are points in the building that line up to the equinox and solstice sun position, the whole building appears to be shaped like a big fat earth goddess ... 
Back to work now and getting things ready for Xmas Shows. . . 

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