Friday, 20 March 2015

tempera painting

Remember a while ago I posted about egg tempera is an update! 
I have been painting by the fire on my house boat,  which is a bit messy (not the boat the painting!) but I really love this space,  rocking gently, all cosy and if i need a grey or black i can dip into the stove tray, scoop out some ash! It's a slow but beautiful process and once finished the paintings can take 6 months to fully dry...but the colours withstand time...and i think the only reason the medium isn't so popular is that it's impossible to make commercially and sell in tubes. If you paint, or if you don't paint it's quite nice to know that you can make your own if you feel a sudden creative urge... it's been great to work on these paintings whilst I wait to get back into the Print Studio...which I hope will be very soon...I'm setting up a new life and network here in eee... I love this city and the people.

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