Tuesday, 22 September 2015

This story is written in the Dismaland programme...


A successful business man travels to a secluded island for his summer holiday.
One afternoon he is strolling across an idyllic golden beach when he sees a cluster of fishing boats pulled up to shore. In their shade sit a group of fisherman dozing. The businessman then spots a lone fisherman sitting on the prow of his boat staring out to sea. He strolls over and engages him in conversation.

'What's going on?' he asks
'I like to just sit and enjoy the view' the fisherman replies
So the businessman asks - 'Instead of sitting here enjoying the view, why don't you take your boat and go out fishing while these other guys are asleep?'
'Why would I do that?'  the fisherman asks.
'Well, I assume you'd catch a lot more fish if you were the only person out there' explains the businessman.
The fisherman nods and asks 'And then what?'
The business man smiles 'With the money you make from catching more fish you could buy a bigger boat and get some bigger nets - then you'd catch even more fish'.
The fisherman nods 'And then what? he shrugs.
The businessman frowns 'My friend - if you kept working hard and saved and invested every penny you earn, one day this whole beach could be filled with people working for you. You'd be the most successful fisherman in the whole area. You'd have fleets of boats working day and night - you'd be rich'.
'And then what?' asks the fisherman.
'Well then' says the businessman 'you could do anything you like...you could just sit here on the beach in the middle of the day and enjoy the view'...

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