Tuesday, 9 February 2016

chocolate & tahini

This weekend the river flooded the marina and me and my neighbours were marooned for a day. As I watched the river rise and zoom past my kitchen window I mixed up a banana cake. It was one of the cosiest feelings ever, the fire was roaring, the wind was howling, rain lashing and for a moment the sun shone as I whisked the eggs into the sugar mix, mashing up the bananas and adding some flour and cinnamon. The smell of a cake baking is pure comfort.
 Living on a boat makes you feel the weather that little bit more. Your boat becomes a part of you, a bit like a car or bike does...you know what i mean..you give it a name, it has a personality!?! I certainly know when it's raining, when it's cold and how cold before I even get out of bed. Yeah I'm not the best at getting out of bed when there's a frost on the window and my breath turns to mini fog...but there's nothing like having a fire to warm you...and when you can bake a cake and share it everything feels alright.

The cake above is my chocolate and tahini mix...make your usual chocolate sponge and add this delicious frosting... Tahini + Sugar = Halva flavoured Heaven! I decorated with sesame seeds, cocoa powder, and chocolate curls. 

A Tahini Icing
225g cream cheese
160g icing sugar
a good spoonful or two of tahini
pinch of salt
(could add a tsp of cocoa powder for colour, add little more cream cheese if you do)

x peace & cakes x

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