Saturday, 5 November 2016

Kambo and the Moon

I am no expert however I do have a few words of experience to share that may benefit others and this post comes because I don't want to lose sight of the reason why I make moon calendars or create art...

Charting the Moon and it's cycles has had a profound effect on me and my well being. I believe that being conscious of the cycles of the Moon and how they relate to our own will help regulate your menstrural periods in a similar way in which we tune in to our fellow sisters and bleed together. We can quite literally tune into the Moon...and what an amazing feeling to know you are connected and in the flow of the Whole.
Since charting the moons phases I am now as regular as the Moon. This is very helpful in knowing when I am ovulating, when I need time to reflect, when I could do with a boost to my also helps with understanding why and when I may be feeling a certain way... Super lustful, shy and introverted, impatient, sensitive or outgoing etc!
I believe through the moons cycles we can learn more about our personal cycles helping us to grow, develop, live a more balanced life and understand ourselves on a deeper level.

I recently did a Kambo Ceremony. Yes the frog called...what an experience. I won't bore you with mine but I can verify what you read about it. It really does shift and clear -lifting the cloud to reveal a kind of personal truth within, it is a bit like they say a re-set button...letting go of all unnecessary ,...
Yes, proud I did it!

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