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Sunday, 12 November 2017


I've not posted here for awhile. It's been a busy and wonderful year with an extremely sad start. Losing my bestfriend from school was pure heart break and I still don't feel like it has actually happened. But through the emotions and experience of losing another friend I feel driven to live the gift of life we have been given and honour her life and those who have physically left us. I love you and whilst I am here and those who loved you are, a part of you will be here too.

 This year I set about learning to love myself, all of me. Being aware of the negative and shadow aspects we all hold and consciously calling them out has been transformative in my approach to life. Creating new pathways in the brain and realising that thoughts can be changed...we are responsible for the lives we have created for ourselves.Yoga has been a little magic, meditation, Nature Connection, Herbs (mugwort), Trees, Louise Hay, Carolyn Hillyer, Workshops, Sacred Places, Stone Circles, Connecting with the Divine, Ritual, Ceremony, diving into the wild ocean and feeling the salty water envelop my body sun reflecting in gem like glimmers, learning about the power of Intent and learning new skills. I feel whole. I have opened my heart and the Universe is showering me with love and blessings.
I'll never stop learning and being inspired by the mysteries...

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