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Monday, 20 August 2018


During my research for 'Menarche &  the Moon' I often find myself crying….the struggle and passion of the human spirit to make a positive change is breathtaking and emotionally charged. From inequality, injustice, hardship and tragedy people rise up against the odds. I've discovered projects like the Grandmothers movement in Africa, and the WonderGirls encouraging the empowerment of young girls, supporting and putting a spotlight on the work young women have achieved by speaking their minds to fight for what they believe in through activism in their community and beyond to achieve successes like abolishing child marriage in Malawi. I've come across amazonian jungle childbirth passage to womanhood, the Kinaalda ceremony of the Navajo, Quinceanera of Mexico…. it touches me deeply and with this i know i’m on the right path, my heart is touched and i know this is a project i cannot give up on. 

Recent statistics reveal a 68% rise in self harm of girls aged 13-16 years in the UK. I want to look at why and how we can help.

"...when you lack a rite of passage experience, there are extraordinary consequences related to such problem behaviours as violence, substance use, gangs, bullying and delinquency" Scott D Sheer, Ohio State University

I'm interested in investigating into whether our lack of community and an appropriate positive rite of passage for our youth in the UK is linked with the mental health crisis.

 If you have experience or any knowledge you would like to share with me please get in touch to help me with the research for my guidebook for young women 'Menarche & the Moon'.

 please e-mail if you would like to help me with my research by filling out my short questionnaire. i am looking for information from women who have experience of the menstrual cycle and the menarche (our first menstrual period)  
thank you in advance

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