Thursday, 8 March 2012

Venus & Mars

I went to Herstmonceux Observatory with my good buddies Astral and Opiium for an Open Night. We spent a good few hours looking through the giant telescopes built in 1896 at Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Orion's Nebula and the Moon's terminator line (yes it's the line where the shadow meets the light where you can see the mountains and craters!) I've got the bug - now I want to join a club and buy a telescope! Looking at planets and stars millions of miles away is mind-expanding, awesome! So are the art spray guns they have at the centre - we made these psychedelic spiral paintings of an undiscovered universe inside a black hole within a black hole ... ;) 

Galileo's drawing of the moon through his telescope
  well worth a visit...
happy international women's day!

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